Train your intuition like a pro

5 Tools to Train Your Intuition Like a Pro

Dennis Tröger
3 min readDec 8, 2023


Finding clarity and making the right choices in life can feel challenging. We all have an inner nature guiding us, but tapping into it takes some finesse. Intuition speaks through subtle body sensations, which often get drowned out by our loud “thinking minds”.

Fortunately, there are proven tools to train your intuition “muscle” and listen to your inner wisdom more clearly. These techniques help cut through the noise so you can make decisions aligned with your values.

While logic is your friend when it comes to facts.

Yes, we can.

And we have developed countless forms to do it.

Today, I want to share with you five tools.

Are there more?


I’d say infinitely more.

That’s the beauty of it.

Today I share those I find most effective.

Likely that you discover different ones.

Your inner nature influences your preferences.

So, if your intuition says “nope”.

Then don’t use it.

But if your “yelling voice” says: NEVER!

Then look closer.

How to use these tools:

Since your intuition talks through your body.

All those tools help you notice those signals.

Let’s begin!

1. ChatGPT

Yes, really!

ChatGPT is an awesome tool for this purpose.

Maybe you are skeptical.

And that’s fine.

But let me explain:

We can ask ChatGPT for:

More options.

Even opinions.

New perspectives.

Have you ever tossed a coin and thought:

“I hope it’s tails!”

And you knew whatever tails stands for is the right choice?

This is how I use ChatGPT:

By discussing with it, I listen to signals.

I used it to find my niche on LinkedIn.

When I talked to it, it gave me several ideas:

SaaS business


Digital Marketing

Customer Success

Then I asked it:

“Which fits most to me?”

Before it answered.

I already “hoped” for one choice.


So it helped me to trigger sensations.

Awesome, isn’t it?

2) Meditation

A lot has been written about meditation.

So I’ll make it short.

Meditation helps for two things:

a) Becoming more aware.

b) Asking questions and getting answers.

Meditation helps us to focus on our body.

Through this, we rise awareness.

Through asking questions, we get signals.

3) Music

I am deeply touched by music.

1,200,000 Minutes in ten years.

That’s my Spotify statistic.

No typo here.

When I listen to music, my body reacts.

This helps me to improve recognition of minor changes.

It’s like an “intuition workout” when I am listening to music.

Besides that, I play the piano.

While playing it, I can feel the same.

Maybe you are touched by art… or something similar.

As said, there are infinite ways to train your intuition.

4) Workout

I am working out every second day for 2 years now.

Since I am doing this I am more aware of my sensations.

My body tells me subtly what it needs.

Food, drinks, vitamins…

Our body gives us clear signals what it needs.

And by being more aware of our body.

You become more aware of your intuition, too.


5) Get bored

When were you last bored?

Most people aren’t bored anymore.

Thanks to smartphones and laptops.

Don’t want to judge here!

But, it helps to be bored from time to time.

Giving our brain some time to “breathe” and digest.

I read somewhere:

“If people sit on their bed for 5 minutes,

they will know what changes they need to make.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Take some time.

Sit on a park bench.

Enjoy that feeling of being bored.

You will be more aware of your intuition.

Be patient, usually it takes time until your loud voice calms down.

I shared with you a few tools.

Maybe you like to cook, hike, ride a bike…

You have to find it out by yourself.

A frame I am following:

  1. We never know everything about us.
  2. We change over time.

What will you try to get in touch with your intuition?

Originally published at on December 8, 2023.