How can I make better decisions that make us satisfied, happy, and regret-free lives?

Maybe you are facing decisions like this:

Not only do big decisions shape our course, but also the small decisions we make every day:

→ Gratitude vs. Envy → Progress vs. Stagnation → Healthy vs. Unhealthy Food → Solutions vs. Excuses → Focus vs. Distraction → Balance vs. Burnout → Doing vs. Talking

Why do we feel most of the time that we decide wrong?

I believe it’s not our fault: We are brought up in a society that doesn’t encourage us to find our core values. Without knowing our core values, we can’t make value-based decisions. Value-based decisions are those with no clear right or wrong answer.

Nobody can tell you if you should quit your job.

There might be factual reasons to do so, but what is the ultimate decision? Value-based.

How You Can Benefit from My Work

I spent the last 15 years researching how to get in touch with our values. For me, we are all the sum of our character, genes, culture, and experiences. I call this your inner nature.

Your inner nature is a black box: You don’t get direct access to it. You can tell if a decision matches your true self by paying attention to your body’s feelings and gut instinct. When you listen, your inner nature is a compass for all decisions. And by listening to it, you will always decide for more satisfaction and happiness.

You will learn how to make better decisions:

Life feels complicated: We face more information than ever before.

But by connecting to your inner nature, it becomes easy.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, and I still have a lot to learn, but I’m happy to share what I’ve discovered so far. My work isn’t the only way to think about life, but it’s how I think about it. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful as well.