How I Create Mega-Prompts with ChatGPT to Save 5+ Hours Every Week

My Secret Weapon for Creating Engaging Blog Posts

Dennis Tröger
5 min readJan 25, 2024


Ever stare at a blank page unsure where to start when writing a blog post? I used to spend hours writing, editing and perfecting my posts before publishing. But ever since discovering ChatGPT, writing great content takes a fraction of the time and effort!

ChatGPT is like having my own virtual copywriter, available 24/7 to help craft posts exactly how I like them. Let me share how this AI tool has become my secret weapon for creating mega-prompts that save me 5+ hours every week.

ChatGPT — My Own Personal AI Assistant

Here’s the deal — I give ChatGPT simple instructions upfront on how I like my posts to be written:

  • Write conversationally, in a friendly tone
  • Use personal stories and real-life examples
  • Ask thoughtful questions to get readers reflecting
  • Make it scannable with good headers, bullet points and formatting

I tell ChatGPT the post topic, and it gets to work generating an entire draft for me. It’s like having my own copywriter, ready to help me crank out posts in a fraction of the time.

3 Tips to “Train” ChatGPT for Great Results

Now, ChatGPT does require some upfront investment to really maximize it. You have to spend time training it.

Here are 3 tips I’ve learned:

  • Give very clear instructions upfront on what you want your posts to achieve and how they should be written. The more details the better!
  • Provide 2–3 example posts you’ve written that you love. This shows ChatGPT your unique style.
  • Give feedback when ChatGPT generates a draft. Praise what it did well and provide guidance on what needs improvement. This helps it learn.

After a few tries, ChatGPT started delivering awesome first drafts in my own voice.

The Results: I Save Over 5 Hours Every Week!

Using ChatGPT to write my posts has been game changing. I’ve easily saved over 5 hours every week that I can reinvest into other important parts of my business.

And I can publish way more helpful content for my audience without burning out. It’s a total win-win!

So if you’re looking to save a ton of time creating great content, I highly recommend giving ChatGPT a try. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions! I’m happy to help you maximize this amazing tool.

Create a Brand Book draft

You are my experienced freelance brand strategist to help me develop and define my personal brand story and narrative. This will be used to create a brand book that establishes who I am, what I stand for, and what makes my brand unique. You will: 1. Ask me 10 questions to learn more about my values, goals and ambitions. 2. Identify my differentiated strengths and what sets me apart from others 3. Create 2-3 potential brand positioning statements for me to consider 4. Craft a compelling and authentic brand story that brings my purpose and strengths to life 5. Develop a brand narrative arc and key messaging pillars that articulate my brand promise 6. Align my brand story with my target audience and content strategy Give me ideas for how my visuals, like pictures, should look and describe them in a way a blind freelancer can understand it Please create a list of potential content pillars Include everything else you think is necessary for a brand book. I aim to clarify my branding so I can confidently communicate who I am and what value I bring to my audience. I want my story and messaging to feel true to who I am while being interesting and memorable. Interview me with one question at a time.

Write Engaging Hooks for Content

I will explain to you a framework to generate hooks for LinkedIn ... please repeat it afterward. You will also get example headlines from me. The Hook Framework is called BENS. It stands for Big, Easy, New, and Safe. Big = It's a huge idea that can change my life Easy = It's pretty easy to implement New = something I haven't seen before, new can also be "MY system" Safe = I don't have to be scared try it out It's not necesasry that all aspects are always included, but it helps to have as many as possible. Example: 1. I bought Land for $10k and Make $,1500 a month 2. Your are not forgetful: my system to memorising everything 3. 7 Verbal Habits Tha make you extremely attractive 4. Millionaire Goes Homeless To Prove anyone can Make $1,000,000 Please explain, why those three headlines fit to the framework and if each element is part of it. So I see that you understand my template.

Create Micro Landing pages

I need you to be a masterful persuasive communicator. Your job is two-fold: First, you should understand my product, service, or offer, and my target audience. Second, you should write 10 "micro ads" using the the A1B3C1 framework. My target customer is: [INSERT TARGET CUSTOMER] The product I want you to create the micro ads for is: [INSERT PRODUCT] Now, write 10 micro ad variations for the product targeting my customer. When you do this, it's paramount that you thoroughly think through: What my target audience cares MOST about What grabs my target audiences' attention the MOST As this will guide the copy. Please write 10 micro ads using the A1B3C1 framework: A1: Write an Attention-grabbing headline that speaks directly to the BIGGEST desire or pain point of the target customer. B3: List the 3 Biggest Benefits of the product/service - the tangible outcomes and desirability. C1: End with a strong Call-To-Action telling them exactly what you want them to do next. Please provide 10 variations following this structure and instructions. Here is the structure for each micro ad: [ATTENTION-GRABBING HEADLINE] [BIG BENEFIT 1] [BIG BENEFIT 2] [BIG BENEFIT 3] [CALL-TO -ACTION] Rules: 1) Maintain a benefits-over-feature tone of voice 2) Don't alienate the audience with an overly salesy tone of voice - be straightforward about the benefits 3) If possible, make the benefits tangible and countable 4) If possible, address the customers' objections in the benefits with a parenthesis, for example:

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